TrueMeds Affiliate Program

Become a TrueMeds Affiliate

When you become an affiliate of TrueMeds, you will receive your own online Medical Marijuana dispensary with an unbeatable menu of premium products. We do all the dirty work, allowing you to concentrate on earning extra income by referring clients to your dispensary. You can earn up to 13% of all sales generated from your website.

We have sourced all the top Medical Marijuana products from the highest quality suppliers across Canada. TrueMeds will fulfill and ship all orders generated from your website. Your customers will receive their orders within 1 - 3 business days. All deliveries are guaranteed.

Why TrueMeds

Unfortunately, cannabis is a medicine that is not covered by health insurance. Our revolutionary affiliate platform allows the profits to go back into the pockets of consumers instead of "Big Corp", making it affordable and even profitable for the people who need it most.

Our extremely knowledgeable team of industry experts will guide patients to choose the right path for their own personal needs. We want to ensure they medicate safely and effectively.

Who We Are

Truemeds is a company that puts the consumer first. We all know how hard it is to make extra income. With the TrueMeds Affiliate program you can do just that. We will set you up with your own online dispensary where you will earn up to 13% of all sales generated from your site. Call us today to get set up.

How to Get Started

For TrueMeds Affiliate Program information, please call: 1-833-TrueMed (1-833-878-3633) or complete and submit the form below.


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